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Dezmond Crockett


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Sally Deng

About Sally:

Sally Deng is currently a full-time student, studying Illustration at the Art Center College of Design. She loves storytelling and is always trying to incorporate some sort of narrative in her artwork. In her free time she enjoys reading, sketching animals, lying on grass, and other various non-life threatening recreational activities. She has been told many times that she eats too fast. She is also an avid fan of weird socks.


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​​Melissa Whyte is YHER.


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About Tara:

An L.A. native and a child of parents from opposite sides of the globe, Tara grew up in an eclectic center full of different cultures and identities. Educated to the minimum from LAUSD and aching for creative richness, she found herself studying art and participating in the PIECES movement. Her work focuses on cultural and setting displacement she feels living in Los Angeles. Tara's work is interdisciplinary but has a strong foundation in collage and painting.



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Ana Escobar​​

About Ana:

Hello my name is Ana Escobar, or more infamously known as Legitimate Loser (infamous because people don't seem to like that name for me). I usually do digital art and just this year started to paint people that are sleepy. My work expresses my thoughts, likes and feelings, but most of the time I create funny comics or describe my misadventures in order to make people laugh. Right now I'm trying to grow my portfolio and hopefully persue a career in animation. There are a lot of things I need to work on and I hope you enjoy a laugh while I try, haha.


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