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Founder & CEO

Lalo Marquez has been working with youth for over 13 years as an art instructor and mentor for hundreds of youth through his work as Art Director for the Boys & Girls Club of Venice. 


He believes that everyone embodies artistic talents that should be explored. Through PIECES he insures that just because you are over 18, you do not loose access to important arts education; as many programs stop serving youth once they are considered adults and off on their own. With PIECES he strives to:


• Support those whose goals are to work in an art related field.

• Provide for those who need art in their lives to be healthy and happy.

• Influence young people to be creative, innovative and pursue their dreams.

• Promote civic mindedness, responsibility and professionalism.  


Director of Operations &

Monica Moreno helped create the vision that was PIECES in 2012. She is classically trained in ballet, tap, jazz, and holds a bachelor's degree in audio production. Miss Moreno is also a visual artist, instructor, choreographer and has  extensive experience working in the non-profit sector in development and communications. 


She, like many others who volunteer their time at PIECES wishes that she had had PIECES as a place to go to during her early adult years. She wholeheartedly believes that continuing to focus on the arts after high school graduation would have helped her stay motivated and keep focused on a clear career path.


"Being able to create and express oneself is important in every person's development and at any age. I know from experience that it is especially crucial during those tough years, when you are transitioning from childhood into adulthood. This is an age group that many don't take into consideration. This is an age group that needs the most support and guidance towards reaching success and healthy, happy lifestyles."

Music Program Volunteer

Graduating with a college degree in audio production, working artist relations for an artist management company, and serving as the tour manager for touring acts, Shane has experience in both the technical and business side of the music industry.


He volunteers his time by incorporating all of his experience in the teaching and guidance of PIECES members pursuing opporunities in the music industry by helping members write, record, and mix their material, as well as giving them the tools necessary to succeed and self manage as independent artists.


Aside from sharing his knowledge in studio recording and artist development, Shane assists with managing sound for live performances while providing members with hands-on live sound reinforcement training. 


"PIECES has taught me that helping others grow can really make a difference in your own life. It reveals your strengths and your weaknesses as a person. Im glad to be a part of this amazing team."

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