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PIECES is a 501(c)(3) non-profit arts organization that serves young adults ages 18 through 25. Our mission is to empower young adults through the arts. By allowing them to express themselves, PIECES taps into the opportunities that creativity unlocks, harnessing growth while building important life skills. Through the arts, we encourage young adults to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible adults, and encourage an interest in entrepreneurship and learning.  


Through the arts, PIECES nurtures inspired artists and helps them discover hidden talents and explore new ones. Members are presented with opportunities to network with community leaders for potential careers, business and educational opportunities. Our belief is that each individual carries artistic talents. All one needs is the right environment, the resources and inspiration to awaken them, and that is exactly what PIECES strives to provide.


"I'ma go piece!" is a common phrase used by young graffiti artists. This phrase inspired the vision for PIECES and its mission to develop modern-day Picassos.  We offer artists of all genres the tools to develop their skills, prepare them for work, and keep them on a positive path to a fulfilling life.


We are a resident organization at Buckwild Gallery in Los Angeles, near Santa Monica, Venice, Culver City and Mar Vista. Members travel from all areas of Los Angeles County to learn and create at PIECES.  



As an art instructor for over 10 years and current Art Director for the Boys & Girls Club of Venice, I deal with lots of returning teenagers and adults in their early twenties with no place to go for inspiration and motivation, so I created one. My goal is to teach young artists a new and positive approach to the arts, expand their talents, and help them gain knowledge of an urban


lifestyle through the visual and performing arts. I have found that street artists are the toughest students to teach due to the misunderstanding that this artform belongs underground. Street artists take a self-taught journey, making art on pure emotions and go through the struggles of trial and error on their own. I have founded PIECES to focus on this type of artist and those aspiring artists who find that affordable art instruction is not accessible to them. PIECES is an arts program and place that liberates these artists from fears of expression and freedom of speech. As a teacher and student myself, I am always looking for new techniques to teach. My art lessons consist of a mixture of fine art fundamentals with an explosion of Graffiti-funk that transforms street art talent into fine art skills. I believe that all people are endowed with great insight, abilities and powers that are meant to shine. This belief has empowered me to build PIECES. PIECES is a movement, the start of a new-wave of young, respect worthy creative leaders.

Help support our programs with a tax deductible donation. Your support keeps our center and programs running and making a difference in the lives of our young people and community.

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